As the population rises the need for having a tiny house and living spaces will increase, this is true even for storage units. Storage units are great if you are planning to move, get your house renovated or just trying to book a space to free up some space in your house. If you have a large amount of good to store it does not mean you require a large space to store, it just means you need to know how to pack and stack them for proper use of space. In this article, we discuss seven storage unit tips to ensure maximum space for storage.

The storage containers

If you are planning to rent the storage unit for a small amount of time, you can easily store them in a cardboard box. If your belongings are packed in an odd way, chances are these might cause the goods to break. Investing good bins or containers can help you save a lot of the money that might get damaged in the process. Big Box – self storage facilities provide the right services to ensure that your good are safe.


One tip that is important is that you need to label everything. Sometimes it is important for you to know where you have stored some of the belonging. If you require them for emergy reasons, it is better that you label to ensure easy access to goods that you need at the time.

Dismantle furniture

One space-saving trick is to dismantle your furniture as furniture take up a lot of space and dismantling them will release a lot of free space which would have gone to waste. If you are not able to dismantle the furniture whole, you can dismantle them as much as possible and try to ensure that they are stacked in a way which leaves for a lot of room for other goods.

Purge what you don’t use

One efficient way to save space is to ensure that you throw away everything that you do not need or you won’t be using again. This is a sure-fire way to ensure that everything you are storing is done right.

Pack heavy items on the bottom

If you fill up your storage unit without much thought you will break or tear something expensive; it is better that you know how to stack good in a proper way which will make sure everything is safe. One rule of thumb includes that while your are stacking goods, it is important that you keep the heavy items in the bottom and light items on the top to ensure everything is safe and sound in your storage space.

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