Sunshine, rain and heavy winds can harm your deck, which can lead to your deck not being able to hold up. It is important that you know how to test your wood and determine what it needs. some steps you can use to ensure best decking treatment that your deck can have to regain its former beauty are:


Testing the wood

One of the easiest way to ensure that the wood of the deck is damaged or not is by sprinkling some water on the deck, if the water soaks up it is an indicator that your deck requires sealing and if the water beads up on the deck, you might want to weight before your next sealing session.

Sweep Deck and clear cracks

Now, if the water is being absorbed by the deck, the first step is to clean the deck and remove all the debris. Try to specially clean in between board spaces as the rotting starts from there. Use a putty knife to clean all the crevices and ensure that there are no dead or rotting leaves to be seen.


Scrub the wood

Even after cleaning your deck is not yet ready for the sealing process as there are still algae and mildew. There are many products in the market that are specifically designed to clean the deck, or just use bleach and dilute it with water and scrub. It is ideal for small areas and will work beautifully to ensure that the deck is squeaky clean and free from any underlying bacteria which can cause the deck to fail. If you have a larger deck area, one of the best ways to deal with it is to spray equal amounts of bleach and water and let it soak for a while before washing.


Cover plants and shrubs surrounding the area

Any wet surrounding or plants around your deck, you need to cover them with clear plastic as bleach and the seal you are using are jam-packed with chemicals that can destroy them. So covering them helps to protect them. Also, try to cover the sides of the deck with plastic or paper before you start the staining process.

Apply stain or sealer

Now that your deck is clean and the plants are safe, it is time to seal the deck. Apply redwood stain to waterproof the deck as it will repel water, ensuring the deck last longer. Try to apply the seal using a sealing brush or a sealing pad. This ensures that the seal is evenly distributed and with little effort. Let the seal penetrate the nooks and crannies of the boards in between. Go over the entire deck surface twice to ensure everything is covered evenly.

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