How to be a good real estate agent – 7 important qualities you must have

Being a good real estate agent is related to the amount of energy you put forth. But for you to be good and remain successful there are several qualities you need to have. Below are several qualities of a good real estate agent. Before you could go on reading you must take a look at and get to know if your real estate agent has taken up this exam.

How to be a good real estate agent – 7 important qualities you must have

  1. You should communicate


Buying or selling a house can be stressful. And the best gift you can give your clients to always communicate. Being a sensitive market, most clients would always want to know the status of their property.

  1. You should be proactive

Another important quality of a good real estate agent is being proactive. He or she should constantly call potential buyers and sellers, always communicate with his/her customers, and keep casing new business. One of the main reasons why an agent should be proactive is to keep the clients well-informed. If your clients keep calling you, it means you do not give enough information.

  1. You should have most of their clients as references

Being a good real estate agent, you should feel good using most of your clients as references. When you line up new clients, and you want them to believe you are the best in handling their property, you can give them testimonials for your past clients. A good real estate agent should have positive references from most of his or her clients.

  1. You should know your client’s time-frame

Another quality that makes a real estate agent a trustworthy and reliable agent knows his or her client’s time frame. You should know when a client is in hurry to sell or buy a house. If your client is in a hurry, ensure you work around the clock to get him what he wants. If the client is not in a rush, you can shop around or advise the client to wait for a good time.

  1. You should be client motivated

A good real estate agent should have his client’s needs as his top priority. Since the process of buying and selling a house is not an easy one; you should ensure your clients are happy and well-motivated. Keep in mind that when a client gets a good deal, you also get a good deal.

  1. You should listen to your clients

Most clients do not like to engage with real estate agents who talk too much. Hence, if you want to win the love of your clients, do not too much. Instead, listen to what your clients want. Let them do a lot of talking and only advise when necessary. A good agent should be asking questions but not the client asking questions.

  1. You should adapt to the client’s needs

A good agent should read and understand his client’s needs. For instance, there are some clients who love to communicate through emails or text messages while others like calls. Hence, it is the responsibility of a good agent to adapt to his client’s needs. Your client should not feel pressured or ignored by your silence or too much communication.

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